“Personalized marketing to turn your business into a success”

Do you feel you work too many unproductive hours?
We will show you the steps to capitalize your work and get the best clients with our experience.

Do you know what type of advertisement is right for your restaurant?
We will help you create a commercial campaign with marketing tailored to your objectives, resources and customers..

Would you like to be able to control your social networks? And for your team to get involved in the sales and advertising of your company?
We will train you to get everything you are looking for.

¡Our customers’ satisfaction supports us!

“Helena has managed to meet the objectives sought in the communication management of my restaurant from the outset. We will have it for a long time.”
Gustavo Kiguelman, La Red
“I am delighted with the work of Helena Olcina, for how well she gets involved with the team, with the client and with the company; It is magnificent.”
Juan Gutiérrez, Punto Faro
“Helena Olcina is a person who engages directly in the company, with all the staff, with the brand and makes it own, offering a very positive result.”
Alberto Vázquez, Damaplast Moalpe
“What I like most about Helena is how she gets involved in the work, she works a lot and in a very creative way; Working with her is a lot of fun!”
Laura De Luca, El Banco
“EIn this jungle in which we live and work today it is difficult to find people in whom we can trust. On rare occasions one of these people appears on our horizon and suddenly everything is easy, fast and effective. This is how Helena Olcina works, sowing in her clients the trust necessary to build successful projects, based on appropriate marketing strategies, perseverance and magic. If in addition to being your client you have the great luck to be your friend, then you have the lottery ;)”
Javier Sancho, Mesto Vstrechi
“From the professional section, we are delighted with the work you do and in the business we have noticed it considerably. From the personal section, an excellent person, from the few that remain with the values of the whole of life.”
Luis Cortés, Herbolario Tisana
“The best option you can have for your restaurant, marketing, advice, sincerity and above all work.Chapó Helena!”
Juan Manuel Manrique, Restaurante Mantra
“After much searching, we have found in Helena Olcina our best Technological Partnet in everything related to internet business strategy and Online Marketing. Thanks to Helena and her extraordinary collaborators”
Francisco Javier López Virosta, Cristal Aqua
“An excellent teacher who knows how to customize the needs of her students and their clients. I feel very satisfied in every way, for its professionalism, effectiveness and versatility within the sector. I would recommend it in every way.”
Maloles Cabrera, Emprendedora.
“She has a great career path with full time dedication and exquisite personal treatment, reliable and a guaranteed success.”
Carlos Contreras, Carlos Contreras. S.L.
“She is an excellent professional as a teacher, she always transmits her knowledge in a practical way, regardless of the base you have; and as human quality, a 10, always pending to be able to help and adapt to your circumstances and always with a smile. Undoubtedly I recommend it, for me it has been a success to meet her and to have her as a teacher and business support by Skype. Enchanted!”
Marina Navarro, Design Madera.
“Working with Helena is simple, either in person or by Skype because her simplicity, professionalism and passion for work is transmitted at the moment; with fresh ideas, always based on the goals of the company, makes the impossible one more day of work.”
Alfonso González Rico, Asesoría Abarca.
“Hiring the consultation with Helena has meant a success and a saving in time and in hiring services that do not fit my projects or objectives. Highly recommend.”
José Victor Villalobos, Joe Wolfwood Ltd.
“Helena is an excellent Social Marketing teacher. I really recommend it because I have learned a lot in their classes and they have really helped me a lot. She is always ready to help and transmit her knowledge.”
El Equipo de Florencia, Florencia.
“I hired Helena Olcina for different online communication consultancies, which we needed when setting up the advertising strategy of the company. The result paid off. We are very satisfied with your work and we certainly recommend your services. Professionalism, efficiency, commitment and excellent results are your letter of introduction.”
Andréia Castellán, Efecto Energía.
“Helena leaves the skin for your project.”
Vicente Prieto, Ayuda Empresarial.
“The team led by Helena Olcina has done an excellent job in redesigning our website. His help in planning the design and programming was magnificent. The people responsible for the project were agile and made available and affordable at all times. The quality and image of our new website is very consistent with the philosophy and image of our company. The budget was very balanced and fulfilled to perfection.”
Ángel Moreu Álvarez, Deltagrup

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