“Welcome to my online space, which allows me to reach you and for you to be reading my words.”

I am Helena Olcina, consultant in “Personal Marketing”, or in other words, along with a qualified and humane team I shape and give meaning and visibility to my clients’ businesses, combining:

  • studied commercial strategies of proven efficiency,
  • dynamic and innovative advertising campaigns,
  • customer loyalty and sales techniques consistent with your objectives,
  • aptitudes and strengths from the human team in the company

which turns every business into a success in one year, 365 days of a combination of creativity, team work and business organization

I love entrepreneurship, which I’ve always supported, and I truly believe that leading a company does not mean to be its salve or to waste your life trying to preserve it; I believe in working following clear objectives, in productivity and in the fact that attitude and motivation can achieve anything.

I love my work because it helps me develop my abilities, which I use to grow the businesses of entrepreneurs who, like me, have economic and professional freedom because they dared to take a step forward. Do you dare to do the same?

I wouldn’t know how to find the most adequate professional definition for Helena, whom I’ve seen working for a long time, but I would be able to enumerate the many reasons why, if you want to grow your business or learn about marketing to lead your own advertising campaigns, she is the best alternative. She always commits to the objectives of her clients, she has a wide experience which allows her to visualize inexistent alternatives, she has great skills in communication, motivation, leadership… always dynamic, spontaneous and positive, she is the piece that fits in the puzzle of success.

Juanma Romero

Expert in personal magnetism
media visibility and public speaking;
Director of the program “Emprende” – “Thrive”


The team of HO we formed a group as diverse as professional, creative, dynamic, positive … we have managed to make our work a fun way of life.

¡Our professional achievements!


Presentation of the program “Emprende” from the Coworking created for all my clients.

The foundation Rafael del Pino selects me as a reference entrepreneur to give formative and motivational presentations about entrepreneurship in the schools of the capital

Live interview in Cierre de Mercados about the future of social networks, when they had just started in Spain

The show Madrid Opina invites me to speak live about the problems that Spanish businessmen face

El programa  Madrid Opina  me invita para hablar en directo sobre los problemas que presionan a los empresarios españoles