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Have you ever wondered why…?

  • In the Costa del Sol so many new restaurants open every year and shut down so quickly…
  • Many restaurants hire the best professionals in their category, but they still lack a person in charge of gastronomic marketing.
  • Restaurants that opt for quality in the plate and service are always empty, while other restaurants are always full.
  • There are restaurants that have good commentaries on the Web and receive customers through social networks, and others that don’t appear and lose potential customers every day.

Without a good strategy in Gastronomic Marketing it is difficult for your restaurant to succeed with so much competition, and without knowing all the possibilities you have on the internet it is impossible for you to take advantage of them.

*Each restaurant has a different identity, but the objectives are similar and the external communication channels are identical, the knowledge of the sector is the best ally to grow your business.

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If you want to succeed with your restaurant is because you seek to:

  • Learn to attract customers through the internet without any cost.
  • Keep your restaurant full without having to keep an eye on the social networks.
  • Keep the loyalty of your customers with your dishes and some successful tricks.
  • Have the peace of mind that experts control what is said about your restaurant on the Web.

It is because you want to count on the support of a Consultant in Gastronomic Marketing that guides you; and you have found it!

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