Let yourself be known. Your menu on everyone’s mind.

You need a showcase wherever your clients are. Whether they are young or old, nowadays everyone uses a smartphone before making a decision.

The only exception is the recommendation of a friend or family member. Social networks are often used to speak well about an establishment. Your clients are there. They are on the social networks, on the internet, searching and willing to read. That is where you should be.

With this plan you will have a showcase. A simple but solid and reliable website. With this plan they will find you and talk about you. You will be on the social networks. You will have a site with commentaries and advertisements.

Discover the advantages…

Keep your restaurant full with your virtual table

Your audience doesn’t grab a flyer and read it anymore. They don’t see a physical sign and decide to go. Now, they look for restaurants on the internet, they look for other users’ opinions, they consult prices and, if everything seems fine, they decide to go.

With the plan “Keep your restaurant full”, you will have a presence on the internet, the opinions of your clients will be managed and you will get new customers:

  1. First of all, you need to have a solid presence. We create a modern website, adapted to your image and that inspires trust.
  2. 1. Second, you need to show up on your potential clients’ searches. We optimize the content so that it shows up among the first results. We publish positive content on social networks and blogs.
  3. 2. Last, you need to control what is said about you. We respond to commentaries, positive and negative, we locate the negative comments and try to make them lose importance.
All you can achieve…

When you go on a trip, where do you look where to eat? Will they find you?

If you already have a website but it doesn’t give you any results, it is time to find out why.

We optimize your website so it shows on every device, we make it fast and we get it on top on search engines like Google. Then, we optimize the content to make it more attractive for your audience.

Last, we create a controlled advertising so that you are on everyone’s mind.

Help them find you…